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  • Edinburgh Yarn Festival

    Edinburgh Yarn Festival

    If you hadn’t noticed by all my Facebook, twitter, and instagram posts, I was at Edinburgh Yarn Festival at the weekend. I shared a stall with my good friend Karen at Once A Sheep. We also had great help from our friends Jane, Rosie and Seona, who we couldn’t have managed to do the whole thing without […]

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  • Off to Edinburgh Yarn Festival

    Off to Edinburgh Yarn Festival

    The car is packed, looms are warped, yarn is in, and I’m pretty much ready to head off to Edinburgh to set up for the Edinburgh Yarn Festival. I’m also taking with me all my handwoven things to sell and to make life  asker for me this section of my website will be out of […]

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  • Changing Skies

    Changing Skies

    The shift from the shortest day to having days with light in the early evening does seem to happen very quickly through January. Not that I’ve had too much time outdoors as things have been the usual crazy busy in the studio. There’s a lot to be getting on with at the moment. I’ve been […]

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  • New Year News

    New Year News

    Happy New Year everyone and welcome to the new look website. The reason for a fresh look is that I wanted to have a clean and fresh start to the New Year, and I wanted the whole look to be more me. Hope you like how its turned out and do let me know if […]

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  • 1st Year!

    1st Year!

    A year ago this weekend I opened up my studio! I can’t believe how fast this year has gone and even better, how well it’s gone! The year started off with throwing everything into the studio and try and get some work made whilst trying to finish my course at Bradford College. I got there […]

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  • Refreshing London

    Refreshing London

    September has proved to be a very busy month. The first week was taken over by the reconstruction of the front studio. A new wall has been built to split the space into two studios. It was a bit scary at first, but now it’s done the space feels a lot cosier and not as […]

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  • Scottish Maritime Museum

    Scottish Maritime Museum

    Today I was at the Scottish Maritime Museum doing a weaving demonstration. I am shamed to say it was the first time I’ve ever been there, but I will definitely go back as there’s lots of interesting things to see and do. Here’s some pics of things that caught my inspiration. It was a fun […]

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  • Settling In

    Settling In

    When I moved into the studio in December I pretty much threw everything in as I had to get my head down to weave all the things for college. So, it’s not really been working at it’s full potential as a work space and needed a shift around. It took a couple of days, and […]

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  • Inspiration


    This summer has been inspiring for many different reasons. Our summer started off in Devon, which is somewhere that is always beautiful. We did our usual mooching about beaches to try and find fossils, as well as to build sandcastles. We also visited the Eden Project in Cornwall where inspiration came from the plants, as […]

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  • New Designers

    It all seems a bit of a blur now, but at the end of June I was in London for a week exhibiting at New Designers. My work was part of the Bradford School of Arts and Media stand, where I was with the BA students and two of my fellow HNC classmates. To say […]

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  • Inbetween

    I’m in the middle of my one and only week at home in June this year. Last week I was back down in Bradford for the preview night of the degree show. It was lovely to go to as my mum, husband, and son came with me and they really enjoyed seeing everything finished. They, […]

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  • It’s done!

    Well, I did it. I finally got my final collection for college completed and set-up for the end of year show. For once, I actually nearly managed to do the time management thing and only had a couple of things to do when I got to college. Of course, those things take ages to do. […]

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