Edinburgh Yarn Festival

Edinburgh Yarn Festival

Author Ange Sewell

If you hadn’t noticed by all my Facebook, twitter, and instagram posts, I was at Edinburgh Yarn Festival at the weekend.

I shared a stall with my good friend Karen at Once A Sheep. We also had great help from our friends Jane, Rosie and Seona, who we couldn’t have managed to do the whole thing without them.

The show itself was brilliantly organised by the lovely Jo and Mica and the atmosphere for the whole weekend was fun and relaxed. This was put down to the heady mix of yarn fumes from lots of amazing yarn vendors.

Setting up at EYF

Ready to set the stand up and Jane wondering where to put the fibre

Ready for action

Weft Blown ready for action

Once A Sheep Ready for Action

Once A Sheep ready for action

Karen and I

Karen and I

Our sheep at the ca-baa-ret

Our team effort to make a sheep at the Ca-baa-ret

Breakfast at Bert's Cafe

Breakfast at Bert’s Cafe

It was brilliant to meet so many people, especially those who came to the stand thinking that weaving was really hard and within 2 minutes realising it’s actually quite simple and fun. Also, it was lovely to meet people that I’ve been following and chatting with online, especially the lovely Louise Scollay of Knit British and Felix Ford of Knitsonik podcasts. We were also opposite Jamiesons of Shetland whose yarns I’ve been using and totally fallen in love with this year and it was great to meet the lovely girls from there and put faces to names of people I’ve spoken to on the phone.

I did succumb to buying some of the lovely Midwinter yarns pirkkalanka yarn and I will definitely by buying more of their yarns as the colours are amazing and I can see them woven into lovely things.

My EYF Haul

My Edinburgh Yarn Fest lovelies

Over the weekend I wore my new prototype first piece of woven clothing. It’s so cosy and not too warm and I’m already working on how to improve it and make it easier to weave. There will be more of these coming very soon, once I’ve figured out a better name.

My in my wrap bolero thing

Me in my woven bolero handwoven wrap thing

I have taken the past couple of days off as it’s been a knackering few weeks.

This morning I took the chance to have a long walk as the weather was glorious. It’s given me some more ideas for new designs and I’m itching to get back into work tomorrow and crack on with weaving new things.