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  • Table Looms are Fun Sampler

    Table Looms are Fun Sampler

    Tables are fun and you can create lots of fun and exciting patterns by playing about. In this blog post we explain how to read threading charts and pattern drafts and give you instructions to make your own fun sampler.
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  • How to Choose the Best Rigid Heddle Loom for You

    How to Choose the Best Rigid Heddle Loom for You

    So you've decided you've wanted to give weaving go and you think that a rigid heddle loom is for you but there's so many choices out there that you might not know which loom to choose.

    Well, don't worry as in this blog post we're going to talk through what we recommend to new weavers when they are looking to get their first rigid heddle loom.

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  • Cornish Summer Skies Scarf Weave-along

    Cornish Summer Skies Scarf Weave-along

    Welcome to our first free weaving pattern blog post at Weft Blown!

    As a weaving teacher I've been wanting to create a series of patterns for people to weave in the comfort of their own home. So this will be the first pattern in this new series.

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  • A Meteorological Weaving Journey

    A Meteorological Weaving Journey

    Hello everyone and welcome back to the Weft Blown Blog and hello to all of you who have discovered Weft Blown over the past few months.

    This blog has been in hibernation over the past few months as we've been so busy keeping up with day-to-day running of Weft Blown that we've not had time to post.

    However, things are now settled down now with my husband Rob jumping onto Team Weft Blown full-time and this blog can be brought back to life.

    So, I thought it'd be good to use this blog mainly for my handwoven textiles and the process behind weaving them and starting with where my inspiration comes from.

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  • From the Tay Bridge to a Wool BnB (via Skipton)

    From the Tay Bridge to a Wool BnB (via Skipton)

    So I know I always start a blog by apologising for not writing sooner as I've been really busy. Well this time it has been the busiest couple of months I've had for a very long time and I've finally got a chance to tell you all about it.
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  • Time to Play

    Time to Play

    As usual its been busy at Weft Blown HQ as I have been working away on orders for lots of new stockists. I'm happy to say that all orders are complete for now and it's been great fun to work with such a lovely range of galleries and shops.
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