It’s done!

Author Ange Sewell

Well, I did it. I finally got my final collection for college completed and set-up for the end of year show.

My final collection - Weft Blown Sky

My final collection – Weft Blown Sky

For once, I actually nearly managed to do the time management thing and only had a couple of things to do when I got to college. Of course, those things take ages to do.

I’m really happy with my collection. It’s based on the idea of trying to convey weather changing through the day and trying to bring that into the home. The colour palette has been a joy to work with as it’s so soothing and calming.
I’ve used a range of techniques as well to try and show the changing weather and the wind blowing through the fabric.
It’s also the first time I’ve been happy from start to finish with the whole project and I think I finally get the whole design thing.

This weekend I set-up the display along with my fellow students on the course. Everyone has got fantastic collections and it was great to see them in the flesh.

Anne's Cloud inspired furnishings

Anne’s Cloud inspired furnishings

Carole's tile colour inspired furnishings

Carole’s tile colour inspired furnishings

Celia's Childhood inspired woven art

Celia’s Childhood inspired woven art

Liz's Peacock inspired Blanket and cushions

Liz’s Peacock inspired Blanket and cushions

Jez's Handwoven bags

Jez’s Handwoven bags

Kay's Complete Kitchen collection

Kay’s Complete Kitchen collection

Petra's Verdigris inspired Home furnishings

Petra’s Verdigris inspired Home furnishings

We are all happy to have reached the end, but also really sad too as it’s been fun having our regular get-togethers for college, curries, and working on projects. We even tried to get our tutor to give us another brief for a project but she wouldn’t.

The past two years have been intense, but really rewarding as I feel that I’ve come so far in my weaving and my confidence has now arrived. If I hadn’t done the course I wouldn’t have started teaching, and then take on the studio, so I have a lot to thank for it.

Also, I’ve met a great group of girls who’ve become great friends and I can’t wait to see what we all do in the future.

I’ll post their blog addresses on the site soon so you can check their work out, and if you’re near Bradford then do go and see the degree show as the HNC work is great, and there’s some fab stuff by the BA too.

Myself and Anne will also be at New Designers with the BA too at the end of June, and there’ll be at least on post about that.