Refreshing London

Refreshing London

Author Ange Sewell

September has proved to be a very busy month.

The first week was taken over by the reconstruction of the front studio. A new wall has been built to split the space into two studios. It was a bit scary at first, but now it’s done the space feels a lot cosier and not as intimidating as it once was.

Weft Blown studio

Weft Blown’s new studio shop

It does need filled and I’m hoping to catch up with that over the next few weeks.

Making has taken a bit of a break as I’ve been doing a lot of teaching and demonstrating instead, as well as a sneaky trip to Bute fabrics.

As always it’s been great fun meeting and making new weavers and spinners, and I hope some will return in the future to show what they’ve made.

There was a reward for all this in that we had a short family escape to London for a few days.

Even though it wasn’t that long since I was last in London, I was really looking forward to having a proper touristy trip and catch the sites with my boys. It was also my sons birthday weekend and he hadn’t been to London since he was small so it was great to see his take on things this time.

As always with me, I could see patterns everywhere, and couldn’t stop thinking about weaving.

Columns in Natural History MuseumWaves in the Walls of the Natural History MuseumTwill Patterns in another columnLondon EyeRoof at the British MuseumLewis Chess Set

In a way it’s good that it hasn’t stopped my thinking about ‘work’ as I’ve been needing a bit of a boost and a recharge of the design batteries.

I’m ready to crack on with it all now, and can’t wait to get back into the studio properly again, once I’ve done my final trip that is to the Craft Scotland conference in Edinburgh.