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10/2 12 ply 120pt 16 shaft 3 ply 4 shaft 5/2 72pt 8 ply 8 shaft accessory art yarn ashford awl bag beagle bearing beginners wheel belt shuttle bench blending board boat shuttle bobbin bobbin winder bugs butterflies car cord carry bag chunky yarn clamp cleaning brush conrod cotton Country Spinner Country spinner 2 doffer double drive double treadle kit drive band drop spindle drum carder dyes e spinner E-Spinner e-spinner 3 e-spinner super jumbo electric spinning wheel elizabeth elizabeth 2 felting felting board felting kit felting needle fibre fibre preparation fine flexi flick carder floor loom floor stand flyer folding loom folding wheel freedom roller hand carder high speed inkle inkle loom inklette jack jack loom joy Joy 2 jumbo katie loom kiwi Kiwi 2 knitters loom knitting lazy kate leather loom loom stand maiden upright maintenance kit mercerised merino needle punch new zealand wool niddy noddy oil part portable loom quill raddle raddle kit rigid heddle rigid heddle loom rigid heddle reed rigid heddle reeds rigid heddle weaving rolags rooster sampleit sampleit loom sampleit reed saxony wheel second back beam second heddle kit sheep shuttle shuttle for inkle loom silk single drive skein skein winder sliding hook flyer spindle spinning wheel spo-default spo-disabled spo-enabled spring stainless steel reed starter kit starter weaving kit stick shuttle student super flyer super flyer kit super jumbo superfine table loom table stand tapestry beater tapestry bobbin tapestry loom tapestry weaving tensioned threading hook traditional traditional wheel travel loom travel wheel traveller unmercerised vari dent reed warping warping frame warping mill warping peg warping stick wavy wavy shuttle weaving weaving bench weaving frame weaving kit weaving loom weaving needles wheel whorl wide wild wooden stick yarn yarn gauge yarn stand