Texsolv Heddles


Texsolv Heddles

Available in different lengths depending on the loom.

All are sold in bundles of 100 heddles.

For Ashford, Louët and Glimåkra looms the following sizes apply:

  • 150mmLouët Erica
  • 205mm - Louët Klik, Jane and Magic Dobby (also the discontinued Kombo). Glimåkra Victoria
  • 220mmGlimåkra Band Loom, Ashford Table and Katie Loom
  • 237mm - Glimåkra Julia, Schacht (Baby, Mighty Wolf, Standard floor and table)
  • 268mm - Ashford Jack Loom
  • 280mm - Louët David.  Glimåkra Ideal and Standard
  • 330mm - Louët Delta, Octado
  • 390mm - Louët Spring and Megado

If you are looking for a heddle size not listed then please contact us as we can get all sizes currently made by Texsolv on special order.