Texsolv Heddles

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Texsolv Heddles

Buy 10 or more bundles of 100 heddles get 5% off the price. Discount automatically applied at checkout.

Available in different lengths depending on the loom.

All are sold in bundles of 100 heddles.

All heddles are standard sized eyes apart from the 390 mm LONG EYED heddles which have a longer gap for the eyes.

For Ashford, Louët and Glimåkra looms the following sizes apply:

  • 150mmLouët Erica
  • 205mm - Louët Klik, Jane and Magic Dobby (also the discontinued Kombo). Glimåkra Victoria
  • 220mmGlimåkra Band Loom, Ashford Table and Katie Loom
  • 237mm - Glimåkra Julia, Schacht (Baby, Mighty Wolf, Standard floor and table)
  • 268mm - Ashford Jack Loom
  • 280mm - Louët David.  Glimåkra Ideal and Standard
  • 330mm - Louët Delta, Octado
  • 390mm - Louët Spring and Megado

If you are looking for a heddle size not listed then please contact us as we can get all sizes currently made by Texsolv on special order.