Stoorstålka Heddle - Sigga

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Stoorstålka Heddle - Sigga

Sigga is special constructed for weaving band with "jumping" pattern threads (which before the invention of Sigga was woven with loose solv).

With Sigga it is super-easy to weave bands with jumping pattern threads. All the pattern threads will keep in place in the heddle, and can easily be picked from their own reserved level.

Sigga is designed and constructed by STOORSTÅLKA.

Available as individual heddles with the following number of Pattern slots for floating threads:

8: 8 Pattern Threads; 18 Holes; 17 Slots; Width (cm) 15.7; Height (cm) 13.7

16: 16 Pattern Threads; 28 Holes; 27 Slots; Width (cm) 24.8; Height (cm) 13.7

24: 24 Pattern Threads; 34 Holes; 33 Slots; Width (cm) 28.9; Height (cm) 13.7

Material: Acrylic 3 mm