Schacht Lilli Frame Loom


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Schacht Lilli Frame Loom 

Schacht’s Lilli Loom is an ideal size for on-the-go tapestry projects and more. Made of solid hardwood maple with sturdy no-slip plastic teeth to keep warp threads in place, the Lilli Loom is the perfect take-along size for on-the-go tapestry projects, and more. The warp can be wound for either 6 or 12 ends per inch, offering options for wider and narrower setts. Maurice Brassard 8/4 Cotton is perfect to use for warp thread for this loom. The 10” x 15” is an ideal size for learning to weave, making samples, small projects, and travel.

Please note that some assembly required and you can see how in the video below as well as how to warp the loom in the second video.

Included in box: 10” x 15” frame loom, beater, stick shuttle, pick-up stick, shed stick, weaving needle.