Locker Hooks for Pin Looms

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Locker Hooks for Pin Looms

Traditionally used for rug hooking, you can also use a locker hook tool for weaving on your TURTLE Loom™ instead of using the crochet hook and the weaving needle.

One end of this weaving tool has a hook like a crochet hook, the other end has a large needle eye, like a weaving needle.

The locker hook will serve you very well when you weave yarns that easily split (like raffia), or yarns that are hairy and fuzzy (like mohair, boucle, or other fuzzy yarns), or if you weave tape yarns that might get pierced easily.

A growing number of customers make the locker hook their weaving tool of choice no matter what yarn they are working with.

Also, the locker hook comes in handy when you travel. Just one tool to worry about!

These locker hooks can be used with other looms and other crafts as well. They are made of lightweight aluminum.

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