Degradé Combed Cotton by Casasol

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Degradé Combed Cotton by Casasol

Sett: Plain Weave - 8 dpi, Twill - 10-12 dpi

Similar to a Double Knit weight cotton

Degraded collection: The DEGRADÉ collection consists of a mesh of 3 balls in which the color of combed cotton L is lowered by 60% in intensity and increased by 60% in intensity. It is presented with a mesh with 3 balls and the thickness is L, each ball is 200 grams, 400 meters, therefore the mesh is 600 grams, 1,200 meters.

DEGRADÉ: it is the same color that dyes 60% lighter and 60% darker to get 3 balls in the same chromatic range, 3 balls with color change for a perfect gradient. The advantage is that you can decide to change the color and the ball does not mark it for you like in other manufacturers. The ball that degrades is the same color as that of combed cotton L (that is, in the case of salmon color this color would be the one that degrades 60% more and 60% less), so if material is missing it is not necessary to buy a Degradé mesh, only a combed cotton cone L.

Both COMBIS and DEGRADÉ can be mixed with combed cotton L, being the same thread thickness and the presentation of 200 grams / 400 meters.

Composition: 100% organic combed cotton and detox

Thickness: L of 6 ends (1.5mm) presentation DEGRADÉ in mesh of 3 balls, each of 200 grams / 400 meters, total 600 grams/1,200 meters. Needle 3-5

Applications: Clothing such as shawls, sweaters... decoration, accessories...

DEGRADÉ cotton is 100% combed, organic and detox cottons and with the same quality certificates, made with organic cotton and detox dyed.