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Edinburgh Yarn Festival

Author Ange Sewell

I’ve been to a few yarn festivals now over the years, but Edinburgh Yarn Festival that was on this weekend was one of the maddest and fun ones I’ve been to.
My friend Karen, who runs Once A Sheep yarn shop, decided to take a stall, after a bit of persuasion. She decided to take along looms and wheels for people to try out and buy, as well as fluff and kits. I offered to help demo the wheels and looms so that we could help promote the classes that we’ve organised at the shop (more information about these can be found on the Classes page).
Handily enough, two other friends, Rosie and Seona, offered to come over and help out in the morning. It turned into a road trip, which involved a rather nice night at a great hotel in Edinburgh.
It was a good job Rosie and Seona came as I wasn’t able to get down first thing to set up, so they helped Karen. I got there just as the doors opened and managed to jump ahead of the queue to get in and help. Good job I did as we were then rammed for the rest of the day. Another friend Innes joined us as well in the afternoon and helped us at the end of the day.
It was amazing to see so many people turn up, and even better was the excellent range of stalls that were there (including some familiar faces). It was very well organised and there was a great buzz about the place all day.
It was non-stop on the stand showing people how to spin and weave. By the end of the day we had managed to turn quite a few people, young and old, to the dark side of weaving and spinning.
What was even more exciting was that two of my first weaving kits sold on the day. The kit includes two patterns that I have developed that are aimed at the beginner weaver wanting to make a quick first scarf on their loom. Here’s pics of the scarves themselves.

Ange Sewell Rainbow Scarf kit

Ange Sewell Rainbow Scarf kit

I’m developing my weaving line of patterns and classes under my actual name, Ange Sewell. So, don’t be confused as Knit 1 Girl 1 and Ange Sewell are the same person.
Due to the craziness of Saturday I didn’t get a chance to take any photos at the festival, but evidence that Karen and I were there can be found here, here, and here on blipfoto.
Also, do check out Edinburgh Yarn festival links on twitter, @edinyarnfest or #edinyarnfest, and Facebook for more happy views on the day.
It was tremendous fun, and its great that such an event has been such a success in Scotland as we’ve really needed something like this. Here’s hoping it’s on again next year.