Rush Hour

Author Ange Sewell

It’s been very busy here at Knit 1 Girl 1 over the past couple of months, and it’s felt like I’ve been in a perpetual rush hour.
I’ve been teaching a couple of classes in weaving again at Once A Sheep. The first was another rigid heddle sample-it weaving day, which resulted in everyone being turned into weavers and some even walking home with their new woven fabric and a new loom.
The second class was an introduction to table loom weaving. This was the first time I’d done a class like this and it seemed to go very well. We went through how to plan a project and make a warp. Then the students were let loose on table looms for a play with simple structures.

Point Twill on Ashford Katie Loom

Point Twill on Ashford Katie Loom

This piece was the first thing that this student had ever woven! Pretty good for their first time.
It was the first time that we’d used the Ashford Katie Loom as Karen at Once A Sheep has only just gotten her. It’s a lovely loom and a lot more sturdy than it looks. A bit tempting.
Again, the table loom class was a success, and even resulted in a table loom being saved from being sold.
Another thing that I’ve been involved with was a demo day with the Clyde Coast Guild of Weavers, Spinners, and Dyers at The Barony in West Kilbride. It was a joint venture between Craft Town Scotland and North Ayrshire Council to promote wool and it’s uses. We had a lovely day outside the Barony showing people how to spin and weave. We think we managed to get a few new converts to the crafts.
Apart from teaching and doing demos I’ve been trying to find a bit of time to make some scarves to sell. I’m doing a series of scarves using Shetland Laceweight yarn that’s hand-dyed by Old Maiden Aunt Yarns. The idea of the designs came from being inspired by the yarn club that was run by Old Maiden Aunt and Karina Westermann last year. The theme was Sherlock Holmes and one of the patterns was based on The Hound of the Baskervilles. There’s a line in it that describes a “weather-bitten” landscape. I love the idea of something being weather-bitten and thought that would translate well into woven scarves.
I’ve got two woven so far, but need to make many more, as well as some other bits and pieces as I’m doing the By My Own Fair Hand craft fair at the Barony in September. I’m sure I’ll find the time somehow, and here’s what the first one looks like.
Weather-bitten scarf by Ange Sewell

Weather-bitten scarf by Ange Sewell

Yet another thing that I’ve done was to go on a Guild visit to Ardkinglas to meet the weaver Sarah Sumsion. What an inspirational day! Sarah took us on a tour of Ardkinglas House, where she grew up. It’s a lovely stately home, but nice and homely in size. What was stunning was that nearly every room had an original tapestry by Dovecot studios in it. They were breathtaking and some were of family members so it was lovely to see them in their natural homes. Sarah then took us to her house and showed us around her studio. She weaves mainly doubleweave silk scarves that she hand-dyes herself. The colours and patterns were gorgeous and it was perfect timing in seeing these as I was just starting on my next college project all about double weave.
Handwoven by Sarah Sumsion

Handwoven by Sarah Sumsion

She was a lovely person and was happy to answer all of our questions whilst showing us around. A very inspiring woman and a great day.
So, after seeing Sarahs work I was spurred on with my college work. This time it’s based on aerial photographs of London by Jason Hawkes. As it’s double weave the buildings and city streets work well for this, and I’m enjoying the bright colours that are coming out.
I decided to hand-dye my warps so that they would have a shift in colours. I’m also weaving on Vicky the neglected floor loom as it’s easier to weave these patterns if the treadling is already sorted.
My first sample is done and i’m really happy with it, especially as it’s orange.
Chenille and Wool Sample by Ange Sewell

Chenille and Wool Sample by Ange Sewell

That’s one sample done and at least another 5 to go. It’ll all be fine.
So, as you can see, it’s been rather hectic here, but I’m hoping that July is going to be a bit calmer so I can catch up with things. That’s the plan anyway.