It's happening!

Author Ange Sewell

It’s been a very busy couple of weeks, but finally everything is coming together.

My college work is starting to literally take shape. I’m designing a woven three-dimensional rock pool, complete with seaweed and shells.

Getting the actual shape is proving to be quite a technical challenge, involving me having to tension the cloth by hand on each pick at times. Not ideal so I’ve ideas on how to improve and change the design a bit. This is where sampling really does pay off.
This is what I’ve got so far.

handwoven rock pool sample

handwoven rock pool sample

I don’t know what it is but I do love trying to create 3d shapes in weaving and knitting. I’m still not sure how the final sample will be, and I hope that I’ve got enough hand-dyed yarn for it.

Even more importantly, I hope I’ve got the time for it as its only a couple of weeks before I head back down to Bradford.

The other thing that is finally happening is my studio.

I picked up the keys yesterday and I finally got in to see what I’ve take on.

Its huge as you can see from these pictures.

front shop

back studio

Of course, once I move all my stuff in I’m sure it’ll be a lot cosier. The hard bit will be to figure out exactly where Vicky my floor loom will live.

The space itself is great and there’s lots of natural light. I can’t wait to get everything in and sorted, but I’m wanting to try and clear as much of my college work beforehand so that’s my aim for this week.

My address for my studio is now in my contact page and I will be open from Thursday 5 December, and officially opening the next night, which is Yuletide night in the village.

Do pop by if you’re in the area when I’m open.