Back to work

Author Ange Sewell

I have never wanted to get back to work so much after the Christmas holidays.

Having my own studio space instead of working from home has made a huge difference to how I’m working.

Gonzo at Ange Sewell's studio

My part-time shop assistant, Gonzo the Springer Spaniel in the picture above, and I are having nice walk down to work in the mornings, then a productive day in the studio, before heading off to get my son from school at the end of the day. Not being distracted by the housework, or other stuff at home, makes a huge difference and I’m finding I’m getting more work done during the day than before.

Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to get that much made to go into the shop as I’ve had to concentrate on the new classes that have started in the studio, as well as getting back into college work.

The first weaving class was held today and it went really well. I’ve changed the Learn to Weave class so that now students learn how to warp a rigid heddle loom in the morning and then learn to weave in the afternoon.

Learning to warp a loom

I’m hoping this takes the fear out of new weavers over the warping process as its the thing that always puts them off from using their loom.

It seems to be working and today’s student were definitely looking at warping up for future projects and want to continue with more weaving in the future.

Learn to weave sampler

I’ve also finally done some planning for these classes and have a proper sampler and handout for the students, which is hopefully going to help with their future weaving.

My final college project is slowly starting to take shape. It’s based on photos of the sky and I’m not quite use where it’s going yet as the artwork is still in the early stages. I’m hoping to get properly into my sketchbook work next week.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow as the Clyde Coast Guild of Weavers, Spinners, and Dyers are having their monthly meeting in my studio. It’ll be the first chance for a few of my buddies from up the coast to see the studio and I’m looking forward to what gets created in the afternoon.