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Head in the clouds

Author Ange Sewell

It could easily be said that my head has always been in the clouds. From my constant daydreaming whilst growing up, to then actually being able to study and work on atmospheric stuff when I got older.
Now my head is returning to the clouds for my final project at college. My inspiration is from a collection of photos that I have taken over a period of a couple of months, and I want to try and create a fabric that shows how the weather does change on a daily basis, to dispel the idea that the weather is always the same.
I’m feeling a bit more at home with this project than my last one as I’m really enjoying the colours of blues, whites, greys, with a hint of yellow here and there. I’m also discovering the fun of watercolour painting and been doing a bit of experimentation with that too.
I’ve decided to change the way I work a bit too and I’m trying to weave as I go along with the artwork, instead of doing the art stuff first and then weaving at the end. Its surprising the difference this is making as it is helping to sort out my ideas a lot better, and if feel a bit less stressed as I’ve already got some woven ideas done early on.
Here’s a snippet of one of the pieces

Woven Weather sample by Ange Sewell

The idea is to keep it simple and take it back to basics so I’m playing with simple colour stripes and then using warp and weft floats. It’s looking ok so far, but it’s helping to give an idea of what I then want to do. I’m still a long way off the finished pieces and I’m looking forward to seeing what they will become.
While my head is in the clouds, the rest of me is busy organising adult and kids classes at the studio.
The classes are going well, to the point that I’ve turned my friend Eileen into a bit of a weavaholic as she’s not stopped weaving since she learned how last week.
I’ve also nearly got Vicky the floor loom set up to finally weave a British sheep breeds blanket that I’ve been planning on for over a year. I’ve handspun the weft using fleece from different British sheep that I got from Adelaide Walker and it will hopefully be woven in a smile twill on a white new Lanark Aran warp. Hopefully I can start weaving it tomorrow, as it’s a bit cold outside and I need something cosy to snuggle up in.