Sky project

Posted on 26 February 2014

It’s coming up to the end of February so it must be time for me to head back down to Bradford for college.

I’ve been having fun with my final project, which is based on the idea of the sky above you changing on a daily basis.

The colours are of an ecru background with the indigo dyed yarns mixed with natural grey colours, and a touch of silk and linen to lift it up a bit.

I’ve been keeping the patterns simple and been going back to basics to create a nice light and natural effect.

The other fun thing is that I’ve been using my new Ashford 20″ Knitters Loom and a new to me Ashford Katie 8 shaft table loom.
I already have one of the original 12″ Knitters looms and have used it a lot over the years. The new one is a great size, and I got the bag with it that means it’s been much easier to carry between the studio and my home. The samples below are the ones I’ve done on the knitters loom for this project.
I’m not quite sure about the inlay samples and they need some more development in the future. I do like the clasped weft ones and even if they don’t make it to the final product for this project, they will definitely be taken forward to items for the studio in the future.

The Ashford Katie loom has also been a bit of a relevation to use. I’ve been a bit doubtful about this loom, mainly due to it’s price, but that’s just a general problems with table looms. However, the size of the loom is great for me as it means I can easily weave on it at the studio and then take it home to work on too, especially as I can sit on the sofa and weave away. Its a very sturdy little loom too and feels nice and solid when weaving away.

I used it for doing block float samples for this project and played with different yarns for the background and changes in the float patterns.

Ashford Katie loom with sky project sample

Ashford Katie loom with sky project sample

Block float samples for sky project

Block float samples for sky project

This wee loom is definitely going to see a lot more use as it means I can make more intricate patterned scarves for selling and know that I can work at home with it if needed.

So, that’s my work so far with college, and is the main reason why the studio and my Etsy shop is looking a tad bare at the moment as I’ve not had much time to restock. That will change over the next couple of weeks and here’s a glimpse of a cowl in progress.

Orange and green warp for cowl

Orange and green warp for cowl

Things have been going better than I expected in the studio and it’s been great having people coming in to by my scarves and cowls, as well as other people coming in and being converted to the world of weaving and spinning.

Taking the big leap to open the studio has definitely been worth it.

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