Breezing along

Author Ange Sewell

I’ve pretty much been attached to my loom for the past couple of weeks.
Thankfully, this does mean that my college work has been coming along well and I’m still on track time wise for getting things done.
Those that know me know that this is a very rare thing for me as I’m usually flapping about like a headless chicken at this point stressing about getting everything done. That was last week, but I’m on track and with only two weeks to go I’ve got one last piece to weave, and maybe some backing fabric. After that I’ve got some sewing to do and a bit of written stuff to faff about with.
So here are some pictures of the pieces I’ve woven since last time for this Sky inspired project.

20140522-202410-73450738.jpgthis will be a normal sized cushion

20140522-202409-73449971.jpgthis is a close up of a blanket

20140522-202409-73449076.jpgthis is the before and after of what will be a floor cushion
The great thing about this project is that I’ve enjoyed it. This may sound a bit strange, but there are times when you start working on a project and you realise that it’s actually isn’t as fun as you though it would be. I’ve been there and it does drain your soul a bit.
This time I’m not sure if its the colour palette, or the subject matter, or the fact that everything so far has gone to plan, but I’m enjoying weaving it all.
I’m also really enjoying weaving on my floor loom as it’s been a while since I’ve properly used it and it’s really getting me thinking of what I’m going to weave next once this is all done. There’s a good chance it could be the return to some fine silk from last year.