Waves in the Clouds Wraps

Waves in the Clouds Wraps

Author Ange Sewell

Over the past couple of months I’ve not just been working on the new Sunsets and Showers collection but I’ve also been working on a totally brand new thing – Handwoven Wrap

I first worked on a prototype using a mix of Jamiesons of Shetland 4ply and Aran yarn and I managed to get this finished just in time to wear at Edinburgh Yarn Festival.

Handwoven Sleeveless Cardigan
Having worn it all weekend at Edinburgh I found that it was just the right thing to wear as I didn’t get too hot or too cold and it was really comfy.

It did need some modifications and I wanted to use a twill pattern in it somehow and weave with more of the lovely natural Jamiesons yarn.

The inspiration for the twill pattern came from these Cirrus clouds that I saw one morning over Ardniel, one of my local beaches.

Waves in the Cirrus Clouds

The ripple effect in these clouds and the breaks between the sections gave me the idea to have growing flowing waves on the edges of my wraps to give the effect of the wind blowing through these high level Cirrocumulus clouds.

To the loom I then went and wove away, changing the colours as I went.

Weaving wavesView through the woven armholeTwo Shades og Grey


The different colours of this natural yarn give quite a difference in effect on the waves sections of the cloth, and in the simple weave that gives a textural change between the waves and the calm areas. The cloth itself has a tonal range thanks again to the natural colouring in the greys from the Shetland sheep.

With these wraps I wanted to do as much of the construction of them on the loom so I figured out how to do fringes on the loom, and also wove the armhole sections on the loom. The only off loom work that needed done was to crochet the armholes to help give strength to the armhole sections.

Each wrap has taken on average 10 hours in total to weave, from the set-up of the loom to the final crocheting and finishing of the fabric, and were all woven entirely by hand on my countermarch floor loom.

The result of these Waves in the Clouds Wraps is something that I am quite proud of.

Handwoven Sleeveless CardiganHandwoven Sleeveless CardiganHandwoven Sleeveless CardiganHandwoven Sleeveless CardiganHandwoven Sleeveless Cardigan

So, these wraps are basically like a wide shawl but have armholes so sit easier on your shoulders. You can wear them in a number of ways – draping down at the front with or without a belt, one side pinned to your shoulder with some handwoven badges, or tied up at the back with a badge. There are probably even more ways to wear them and that’s what makes it a versatile garment that can be worn for any occasion.

I’m delighted that one is already on it’s way to a new home. Don’t worry though as these two grey ones will be ready for sale very soon (once my new woven labels arrive) and they come with 3 free handwoven badges of your choice so that you can style it how you want.

If you want one of the grey ones, or one handwoven in a different colour then get in touch as I’m more than happy to take orders for these. I’m going to weave one in orange for me, and I can’t wait to wear it as warm clothes are still needed at the moment as summer still hasn’t fully arrived.