Schacht Beater Pin for Wolf & Standard Floor Looms

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Schacht Beater Pin for Wolf & Standard Floor Looms

Replaces the beater pin and holder on all Wolf looms and Standard Floor Looms. Kit includes beater pin & chain, holder, and #6 x 5/8″ Phillips pan head sheet metal screw.

The beater pin holds the beater upright during warping. Hold the beater upright so the slot in its side aligns with the hole above the beater pin holder. Push the beater pin through this hole and into the slot in the beater side.

Installation: You will need a #2 Phillips screwdriver.

  1. If necessary, use the screwdriver to remove the old beater pin and holder.
  2. Insert the screw through the hole in the end of the beater pin chain and through the hole in the beater pin holder. From the outer side of the loom, fasten the screw into the small pilot hole in the outside right leg (for Wolf looms) or the right upper side support, between the right castle side and the ratchet dog (for Standard Floor looms).