Buying Guide - Spinning Wheels

Choosing your spinning wheel

Choosing a spinning wheel can be really daunting for a new spinner looking to buy their first wheel or even the seasoned spinner who's looking for an upgrade. So, to help you decide which wheel is going to be best for you we've created this buying guide to help you understand the spinning terminology.

Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheel - Single Treadle

Single or Double Treadle? Or Electric?

Irish Tension, Scotch Tension or Double Drive?

Schacht Flat Iron Spinning Wheel
Louët S95 Victoria Spinning Wheel (Beech)

Travel Wheels

Ashford Kiwi 3 Spinning Wheel

Flyers and Bobbins

Different Types of Spinning Wheels

Single Treadle Wheels

Ashford Traditional
Comes in Scotch Tension and Double Drive Versions. You can also get a second treadle kit for it too

Ashford Joy 2 Single Treadle
A great travel wheel that comes with its own bag and uses Scotch Tension.

Louët S17
For beginners this wheel is simple to start with but will also grow with you as you expand your skills. It uses Irish Tension.

Double Treadle Wheels

Ashford Kiwi 3
This popular spinning wheel is great for beginners as well as spinners looking to expand their collection. It spins using Scotch Tension and you can get High Speed and Super Flyer sets for it too. The treads can also fold up so that it can fit in a bag that is sold seperately.

Ashford Joy 2
This Scotch Tension travel wheel is available in single or double treadle. It also comes with its own bag. You can also get the Freedom Flyer for it to spin bulky yarns.

Ashford Country Spinner 2
If you want to make big art yarns then this is the wheel to get. Using Irish Tension and a huge bobbin this wheel is great for making highly textured yarn.

Ashford Traveller
A compact wheel that comes in either Scotch Tension or Double Drive this wheel is popular to those who want a more traditional looking wheel that spin great.

Louët S10C All Versions
Louët's S10C wheel comes in either Scotch or Irish Tension options as well as 3 different options for the wheel itself. This is a great solid wheel that can also be taken apart for travel into it's own bag that's sold seperately.

Louët S95 Victoria
The Victoria is our most popular travel wheel and for good reason as it is the smallest wheel that we sell. However, don't be fooled by its size as it spins fast and fine using Scotch Tension. It folds down quick and easy and can be carried with you in it's rucksack that is sold seperately.

Schacht Ladybug
The Ladybug wheel is a showstopper with its red wheel and cute wee ladybug that's in a different position on every wheel. This wheel can spin in Scotch and Irish Tension as well as Double Drive. It can also be carried easily thanks to it's useful handles.

Schacht Flatiron
With it's modern looks the Flatiron is a great option for those who want to spin fine yarns. Its large black wheel can be set up using Scotch and Irish tension as well as double drive. This is also the only Saxony wheel we sell that can be set up for either right or left handed spinning.

Schacht Matchless
The Matchless deserves its name as it is truly a beautiful wheel to spin on. It comes set up for Double Drive but can also spin using Scotch and Irish tension. With it's wooden wheel and smooth treadles it is a joy to spin on.

Schacht Sidekick
This travel wheel is different as the wheel is perpendicular to the treadles and is designed this way so it is easy to fold and travel with you. It spins using Scotch Tension and is a good sturdy wheel to take with you wherever you go.

Electric Wheels

Ashford E-Spinner 3
If you're looking for a small spinning wheel that can spin with minimal effort then the this is a great wheel for you. Using Scotch Tension and a motor to drive the flyer this wheel makes spinning simple and easy.

Ashford Super Jumbo E-Spinner
For precise control on making art yarns the E-Spinner Super Jumbo is a very good choice. Using the motor you can finely tune the speed the wheel spins the bobbin using Irish Tension. With it's huge bobbin you can easily spin some big large art yarns of your own.

Do you still have more questions about spinning wheels?

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We hope that this guide has helped you decide what wheel is best for you. However, if after reading this you’re still not sure or would just like some more information, then do please contact us as we’re always happy to help you find the right wheel for you.

We do also have a range of demonstration spinning wheels available for you to have a go on. So, if you would like to try before you buy then again do get in touch to arrange an appointment.