Lithuanian Linen by Midwinter Yarns

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Lithuanian Linen by Midwinter Yarns

100% Lithuanian Linen is a heavy lace / light fingering weight

450m per 100gr hank

Nm 17.9/4

Wet spun

Sett: 15 dpi for plain weave

When used for weaving gently dampen the knots when tying it onto the cloth beam apron rod. 

Moisten the first couple of inches of woven cloth whilst on the loom and this will help with tension. You can moisten the cloth slightly as you weave along. For more help see our blog post on How to Weave with Lithuanian Linen.

For those not used to knitting with linen, it may appear stiff and stringy at first, but it softens in your hands as you work with it and will continue to soften for the many years that you wear it. Fantastically hard wearing, once blocked it also holds lace patterns beautifully without curling back up on itself and drapes very well.

Also works very well held double for more substantial knits - approximately DK weight when doubled.