Stoorstålka Band Weaving Kit Professional

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Stoorstålka Band Weaving Kit Professional

A complete kit for anyone who wants to try band weaving with pattern picking. Stoorstålka's smallest pattern picking heddle, Sunna 5 is included in the kit. It has five slots for pattern threads and makes picking patterns very easy.

This is a very simple form of weaving where the warp is attached to a belt that is wrapped around your body. The warp yarn is already threaded through the heddle and you tie it onto an object that doesn't move, such as a table leg. 

It is a traditional form of weaving and is easy to take anywhere with you.

The kit comes in 2 different colours: Yellow-Red, White-Red.

The following in included in the kit:
Band recipe
Description for three different patterns for five pattern threads
Heddle Sunna 5, already warped with Áhkko weaving yarn
Gehpa (shuttle) with yarn
Cotton band that you tie around your waist
Lacing to attach the warp to a steady object

Warp length: 1.5 meter (makes approx 1 meter finished band)

If you never have woven bands before, there is also the Stoorstålka Bandweaving Kit Small – which is the most basic form of bandweaving.

Watch the video below to see how to weave with this back strap band loom.