Stoorstålka Band Weaving Kit Advanced

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Stoorstålka Band weaving Kit Advanced

A complete kit for anyone who wants to try back strap band weaving with the pattern Sigga 8 heddle.

This is a very simple form of weaving where the warp is attached to a belt that is wrapped around your body. The warp yarn is already threaded through the heddle and you tie it onto an object that doesn't move, such as a table leg. 

It is a traditional form of weaving and is easy to take anywhere with you.

The kit is available in green colour way.

The following is included in the kit:
Yarn Áhkko and Siessá, warp length 1.5m
Pattern description and instructions (in Swedish and English)
Heddle Sigga 8 (already warped)
Gehpa Shuttle
Band lock
Weaving belt in cotton

Watch the video below to see how to weave with this back strap band loom (it is in Swedish with English Subtitles).