Stoorstålka Gehpa Shuttle

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Stoorstålka Gehpa Shuttle

Gehpa by STOORSTÅLKA is traditional shaped Sámi shuttle in a modern material. A good gehpa should be made in reindeer horn, or as this product, in POM - a super durable, yet flexible and smooth material.

When picking pattern threads, the bended shape makes it super easy to pick the right threads. It's all about ergonomics. Band weaving is tough work, and we want you to take care of yourself and spare your body. Even if you are just weaving straight this shuttle will give you the right angle, and you will spare your shoulders and back. Try it, and you won't use anything else.

Available in White or Silver colours.

Material: POM-C (Polyoxymethylene)
Length: 23 cm
Weight: 28 grams