Ashford SampleIt Rigid Heddle Loom

Brand: Ashford

Ashford Sampleit Rigid Heddle Loom

Both sizes in stock and ready to ship

The Ashford SampleIt is available in two sizes: 25cm (10 inch) and 40cm (16 inch). This is an incredibly popular rigid heddle loom for beginner weavers but experienced weavers will find it perfect for sampling - hence the name!

The Sampleit comes as a simply-to-build kit with full assembly instructions. The loom is supplied with: one 7.5 dpi reed, step-by-step instruction booklet, 2 shuttles, threading hook, warping peg and clamp. The SampleIt Loom also has a built in second heddle kit.

Check out the video below to see how to warp up and weave on the SampleIt.



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