Weather fun

Author Ange Sewell

Living on the West Coast of Scotland you get used to expecting it to be windy, but recently it’s been getting a bit too windy for my liking.

I’m currently stuck in the house as we’ve another storm blowing through outside and there’s no point in attempting to take my car out. It has meant though that I’ve had time to get the house a tiny bit sorted after the Christmas madness and start to organise my projects for the New Year.

Of course, I’ve got weaving that needs done. My poor blinds are still on Vicky and I really need to warp up my table loom for the samples for the Certificate of Achievement (one day I’ll get started). But in the mean time I’ve got lots of money from Santa, I’ve been good, so I can make the Debbie Bliss Cowl Neck Sweater I’ve been dreaming about for a couple of months.

Santa also delivered 2 bags of shiny fluff from FeltStudio UK, one of my favourite indy dyers/fibre sellers.

I can’t wait to spin this stuff and see what it turns into.

I also got a couple of Martin Storey pattern books and a Mason Dixon knitting book that has got my creative juices rumbling.

The big project that I’ve been sorting out as I need to start it on the 1st January is the Weather Scarf KAL that I’m doing through a group on Ravelry. This is completely and utterly keeping my dormant weather forecasting/meteorology inner geek going as I have to knit a row every day to show what the weather is doing. This was a bit tough to try and figure out how to do it as the weather can change so rapidly here on a constant basis. So, I’ve decided I’m going to knit a certain number of stitches to show the value for different criteria in different handpsun yarn (not all spun by me as one is from the incredibly talented Breagha Yarns, aka Innes Carmichael).

From left to right I’ll be knitting:

Orange – Maximum Temperature in degrees Centigrade (1 stitch per degree)

Green – Maximum Wind Speed (1 stitch per knot)

Blue – Total Rainfall in 24 hours (1 stitch per 1 mm)

Yellow Mix – Total hours of sunshine (1 stitch per hour)

Dark blue/red – Minimum Temperature (1 stitch per degree)

Grey (not in photo) – 1 row to separate months

Obviously, this is likely to change as depends on how it turns out and I want it to be a fairly organic thing. But I’m hoping it’ll turn into an interesting shape and if I run out of yarn I’ll spin more to make it more fun.

I’ll post up progress updates as this goes along, and I am going to do this KAL and get it finished, oh yes I am:)