Warp speed

Author Ange Sewell

I think I’m finally getting this weaving thing right as I managed to get Vicky the Viking floor looms warp measured and beamed in about 2 hours or so. This is a world record for me and I hadn’t even messed any of the warp up.

jute warp

Jute warp on floor loom

The warp is a red jute that I got from The Handweavers Studio in London last year which I visited with Helen and managed to come away without too much drooling over everything.
My plan is to make 2 rag rugs for my hall to cover up the relatively destroyed carpet that is there already.
I’ve not woven any rag rugs yet so it’s another learning curve.
I’m going to use old navy blue Ikea curtains for the rag weft as I’m hoping that the off-set of the blue and red in a simple twill pattern will work well.
Also, I’m hoping I can try and get a sample or two for my Certificate of Achievement out of this warp as well.
The other thing I’m going to try with this warp is lashing the warp onto the front beam as shown in the Ashford Weaving warping a loom videos. I discovered these videos this week and have found them to be great. As I’ve learned to weave on my own through the help of books and weaving groups on Ravelry, and a few other weaving sites, being able to see someone else fully warp a loom and gain some useful hints and tips here and there has been wonderful. They show how to lash the warp onto the cloth apron rod which is something I’ve been wanting to try for ages but been too scared to. Having seen how it’s done now I’m feeling confident and can see how easily it’ll cut down on my loom waste. Fingers crossed it’ll work.
This week I’ve also been able to warp up my knitter’s loom to do a commission for a friend. I’m keeping that fairly secret at the moment as I don’t want her to see it until it’s finished.
I’ll be back soon with some pictures of the rag rug on it’s way.