Onwards and upwards

Posted on 26 April 2012

Time keeps romping by at the moment and I keep getting to the end of the week and wonder why I’ve not gotten much done.
I tried to remedy this last week by doing as much as I could of both the flaming wollmeise scarf and the rag rugs.
The Wollmeise scarf is plodding along fine, but is taking a while as the weft is fine and I’m being a bit of perfectionist with it as well.
The rag rugs however got finished last week, thanks to the discovery of Classic Dr Who on Netflix (completely hooked as want to know how on earth the doctor started out as selfish as he was in the beginning to how he is now, and what became of his useless grand-daughter). So, after watching all of the episodes of when the Daleks first came along I got the rugs finished, and here they are:

Large Rag Rug by knit 1 girl 1

Large Rag Rug by knit 1 girl 1


Small Rag Rug by knit 1 girl 1

Small Rag Rug by knit 1 girl 1

They’ve both really livened up my hallway, and also helped to hide the slight imperfections in my carpet.
I really enjoyed making the rugs as well as they kept my impatience at bay as they wove up so quickly, and it gives a nice solid finish. The striping and the change in twill also worked really well too as it enhances the colour changes.
I now have the difficult task of deciding what’s going on the loom next. I’m itching to do some summery scarves, but can’t decide whether to do something lacey, or have a go at a hand-dyed warp. The aim was to get started with them yesterday, but the child’s immune system had other plans and he’s off school with a lovely viral cough thing.
Talking of school, I started to teach a great group of girls to knit on Monday. I’ve started a yarn club within the school and this is the trial class to see how it goes. My aim is to teach them to knit, crochet, and then eventually maybe weave and even spin. It’s a steep learning curve on both sides as it took quite a while to just get them cast-on. Their enthusiasm is brilliant and it’s up-lifing to know that the youth of today are still desperate to learn how to make things.
There is also another school-type thing that’s potentially in the pipe-line for myself, but I’m not quite sure if it’ll work out yet so keeping fingers and toes crossed that it does and I now need to go and do the paper-work for it:)

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