Seamill Scarves

Author Ange Sewell

Winter has arrived nicely in time for the beginning of December. It’s turned very cold this past week and there’s snow on the tops of the hills.
Thankfully this ties in nicely with my first proper collection of scarves that I’ve handwoven over the past two weeks.
The idea I had for them was the changing in colours down at Seamill beach throughout the day and the year. I’ve used a warp where there’s a sequential change from one colour to the next. I then linked the scarves together by using one of the warp colours from one scarf in another scarf with a different colour. And, yes, doing the HNC course is really changing how I’m thinking about my weaving.
Here’s a pic of them all together.

Seamill Seasons Scarves

Seamill Seasons Scarves

I used one weft colour throughout to really optimise the vertical stripes and it’s worked really well I think.
They’re heading off to the Barony tomorrow where hopefully they’ll be on display in time for Yuletide night on Friday.
Yuletide Night is a great evening in the village as all the shops open late for the night and the high street is closed off so Santa and his sleigh can make his through the town, as well as making it easier for everyone to wander about. If you’re in the area then it’s definitely worth stopping by to see the great range of shops in West Kilbride.
Apart from weaving scarves I’ve been working on my sketchbook for college. I’m really surprised by how much I’m enjoying doing the artwork for my sketchbook and it’s really helping to get ideas for woven patterns.
I ordered a little bit of yarn for possibly using with this project.


Ok, so it won’t all get used for the next set of samples, but it means I can make some more stuff with all of it.
The plan for the next month or so is to crack on with college work, and at the same time try and get Vicky the floor loom up and running again with some cushions for the house using handspun yarn.
Also, I’ve got some more teaching on the horizon as I’m doing a beginners spinning class at Once A Sheep. My little Yarn Clubbers are also still going strong and at the moment they’re making friendship bracelets for the school Christmas Fair, while I’m trying to get them knitting with double pointed needles. It’s all coming together somehow.