Flowing Ripples

Author Ange Sewell

To say it has been busy in the world of Knit 1 Girl 1 lately would be a bit of an understatement.
I’m really starting to believe there’s some issue with the space time continuum in my studio as time flies by and I don’t feel like I’ve gotten much done.
Thankfully, I did manage to get all my college work done for the third project just in time for me to go back to college.
The theme this time was manipulation and distortion, and we’d been using floats and block draft techniques, as well as everything else we learned so far, to produce 8 samples.
My inspiration was the ripples on the beach and in the sea, with their constantly changing uneven shapes flowing away.

Sand ripples on Seamill Beach

Sand ripples on Seamill Beach

This image was one of the main sources of inspiration and I love the colours of the sea against the sand.
After lots of hard work, and a bit of stress, this was the final collection.
Ripples Project Ange Sewell
I’m really happy with how these turned out, especially the Collapse Weave/scrunchy samples as I’ve been wanting to do them for years. I had specifically spun yarn to create the collapse effect and it worked.
My tutor was happy with the results too and I’ve passed again, so happy days.
The next project we’re doing is double weave and I’ve already got ideas and the only hints I’m giving is that there’ll be dark colours with potential neons.

This past month I’ve also been creating some more weavers and spinners at classes held at Once A Sheep in Gourock. It’s great fun watching everyone as the day goes on as at the beginning they have little looks of confusion whilst the practice the new techniques. Then sounds of ‘oh’ and ‘ah’ can be heard as things start click into place and ideas are being formed. Then the best bit is at the end of the day seeing everyones smiling faces as they clutch their new yarn or woven scarf that they’ve created. Dates for the next classes can be found here.

The Yarn Club is also continuing, and they’ve got some more ideas with what they want to do this term so I’m looking forward to what they do.

This next two months is going to be very busy with lots of fun and exciting things that I promise I will post about soon.