Author Ange Sewell

Summer is now slowly ebbing away but things are still very busy at Knit 1 Girl 1.
All things yarny had to cease for a few weeks as my asthma that hasn’t bothered me for years came back with a vengeance. Unfortunately, it seems to be triggered by hayfever, dust, and anything fuzzy or fluffy, all of which are rather important in my daily life.
Thankfully, the medication is working and I’ve been able to get back to weaving, knitting, and spinning.

I’m still working on my college project based on the London night sky. I’m using double weave in a block threading and I’m ending up with upholstery fabric similar in style to London Underground seats.

London Sample

Its the first time I’ve really got my artwork to properly tie-in with my weaving and so far all is going well. I’m loving it as well as I’m finally getting to bring my favourite colour orange into my college work.

As for college, I started my second year of my HNC at Bradford College in July and I’m formulating my next project that has to have a finished object for it. I’m thinking of breaking out of my comfort zone and doing something arty. I’m also hoping to incorporate some grass weaving into it, after attending a great workshop by Joanne B Karr on how to use fresh and dried grasses to make rope and then objects.

Grass Weaving

On top of my college work, I’m also furiously weaving for the upcoming By My Own Fair Hand craft fair at The Barony on Saturday 21st September. A range of new Shetland Laceweight scarves hand-dyed by Old Maiden Aunt will be on sale, and the numbers of scarves are growing.

Weather-bitten Scarves

I will also have my usual scarves and cowls for sale too.

Any other time I’ve got spare I’ve been casting on numerous knitting projects, including Scatness and Braid Hills by Kate Davies. Both of these patterns are gorgeous, and Braid Hills has lots of memories for me as my gran used to take me there when I was little, and then I ended up exploring more walks around there when I got older.

Things are about to get busier for September as I have a full week of college, Yarn Club starts back, and I’ve got the craft fair as well. Busy times, but very creative and fun too.