Being a student

Author Ange Sewell

I’m back at Bradford College for a whole week to carry on with my second year of HNC Contemporary Constructed Textiles.
This time we’ve got our own study space, so it feels like we’re proper students with our own wee areas to cover in ideas, inspiration and artwork.
Here’s my highly organised space.


I seem to only be able to work in a state of chaos. It is organised chaos though.
If you can tell, my source of inspiration this time is rock pools.
The red sandstone rocks at the far end of Seamill beach hide lots of secret pools from small tiny ones to big large ones with small fish. There are some very cool rounded deep hollows that I love the structure of, and as this is a textural project, there are lots of different textures in the seaweed, shells, and rocks to play with.




We have to weave a finished object for the first time for this project. So, I have decided to completely step well and truly out of my comfort zone and create a textile sculptural art piece. Whether this turns out looking great, or a mass pile of clumped stuff, remains to be seen.
Technically, it’s going to be very challenging as I’m aiming to do tricky things with two layers of cloth and try and get them to be sturdy at the same time. Not easy.
It does mean I get to play with paper, glue, fabric and tissue paper to try and create the 3-d shapes I’m after.
Another part of this week is professional development. Today we’ve been going through CV’s and this afternoon it’s been about blogging. What better time to make me do a post and also give me the impetus to get into the habit to post more regularly.
My aim is to try and post each week now, about the progress of this project, as well as what’s going on with Yarn Club and my classes at Once A Sheep.

And finally, I shall be at the By My Own Fair Hand Craft Fair at The Barony, West Kilbride.

20130910-174627.jpgBy My Own Fair Hand

I’m really looking forward to it and can’t wait to see all the other makers as well as seeing what everyone thinks of my new scarves and cowls, including these ones