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Useful Links

We have created this page to help you find useful links to get going in the weaving, spinning, knitting, and crocheting world. We hope this helps to get you crafting.



Ashford have a fantastic range of YouTube videos and booklets to help you get weaving, spinning and more. Do also check out their blog for patterns too.

Ashford Spinning Tutorials -

Ashford Weaving Tutorials -

Ashford Dyeing Tutorials -

Ashford Felting Tutorials -

Ashford Dyeing Tutorials -

Ashford Knitting Tutorials -

Ashford Blog -


Schacht Spindle

Schacht have a great Project Archive full of weaving patterns for all types of looms and spinning as well as Blog and E-Newes that are full of patterns and information too. 

Schacht Spindle Projectss -

Schacht Spindle News -

Schacht Spindle Blog -



Louët's support pages not only has videos on how to use your equipment, but all frequently asked questions and instructions for all their tools too.

Louët Support -


The Association of Guilds of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers

If you are looking for a group of like minded weavers, spinners and dyers then check out the website below to find one local to you. If you are unable to get to any of these then there is also the Online Guild which is a great resource for distance learning these crafts.

The Association of Guilds of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers -


Jane Stafford Online Guild

We have heard a lot of positive reviews of Jane Stafford's Online Guild and it's a great way to learn to weave on a table or floor loom from the comfort of your own home.

Jane Stafford Online Guild -


Online Weaving Patterns is a great online resource for weaving patterns. If you sign up for their annual subscription you can download weaving files to use in weaving software programs. -

Weaving Design Software

Weaveroo is a new software is great for having a play about with weave structures on your computer

Weaveroo -

If you have a tablet then check out iWeaveIt which has a lot of useful extra plugins

iWeaveIt -

Weft Blown on Pinterest

We have created a few boards that we hope will help with inspiration for weaving and spinning as well as other crafts.

Weft Blown on Pinterest -