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Weft Blown is run by Ange Sewell, the Weaver of Scottish Weather. Weft Blown specialises in creating handwoven textile accessories to wear and for the home.  We also supply weaving, spinning and carding equipment to fellow yarn and fibre enthusiasts.

Ange Sewell  - Weaver, Designer, Maker at Weft Blown

As a weaver designer maker based in West Kilbride, Craft Town Scotland I am constantly inspired by the Scottish weather and it’s effects on the surrounding environment over time.

Walking along the local beach with my weaving assistants

The majority of my inspiration comes from my morning walks along the beach with my weaving assistants.

Sunset over Arran

The handwoven cloth created encapsulates the colours of the meteorological systems that occur in the skies above. The colours are combined with handwoven textural techniques to show the character of the clouds, wind, precipitation, and light as they changes over time.

Each piece is designed to bring the weather to you in a warm, personal way, whilst also conveying the magnificence of the weather that surrounds us.

My Louët Delta Floor Loom which I use for a lot of my handwoven textiles

Everything is handwoven using a range of looms and high quality woollen yarns that are sourced from Scottish and British producers. Weft Blown’s range contains scarves, cowls, cardigan, cushions, clouds and badges and is sold online, through my studio, galleries and other retailers.

Weft Blown Studio where I design and weave my textiles as well as teach weaving and spinning classes

Passionate about sharing my skills, I teach people of all ages how to weave and spin and create their own handmade items. In doing so I aim to grow the crafts of spinners and weavers across the country, keeping these crafts alive.

To further enable people to spin and weave Weft Blown is now a stockist of Louët wheels and looms, Glimåkra looms, and Hazel Rose Looms. You can buy online or from our stand at shows. If you want to try out a loom or wheel then you can do so at the Weft Blown studio by making an appointment. My husband Rob helps out with this side of the business and is always happy to help out without any queries.

Rob of Weft Blown

Classes are run from my studio in West Kilbride and are 1 to 3 days in length depending on the subject.

Weft Blown studio in West Kilbride, Craft Town Scotland

Weft Blown is more than happy to take commissions for handwoven items for you or your home, as well as commissions for projects or teaching to groups in the community.

You can buy my items from this website and from my studio.

In October this year my work was featured at the Wool BnB in London and my clouds were featured in the London Evening Standard.

At the Scotland's Trade Fair Spring 2016 my handwoven cowls were awarded Highly Commended in the Best Product in the Launch Gallery Award.

In 2014 I finished my HNC in Contemporary Contructed Textiles at Bradford School of Arts and Media. Through this I had the chance to exhibit at New Designers in London where I featured on the Arts Thread blog.

You can find me on Ravelry as knit1girl1 and on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram as WeftBlown.

And of course, you can visit Weft Blown's studio in West Kilbride.

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