About Us

All About Weft Blown

Weft Blown is run by Ange Sewell and is based in West Kilbride (also known as Craft Town Scotland) on the stunning Ayrshire coast of Scotland.

Ange Sewell Owner of Weft Blown wearing Fading Boxes Top Kit

Ange started Weft Blown as a weaver designer maker and creating weather-inspired handwoven textiles and designs from her Craft Town Scotland studio. With an HNC in Contemporary Constructed Textiles and a background in Meteorology and Geology Ange can't help to be inspired by the colours and textures in the sky and landscape wherever she is. 

Handwoven Sky Blanket

As well as creating handwoven textiles to wear and for the home she also ran classes for weaving and spinning too. It was from these classes that she decided to grow the business and start selling weaving and spinning equipment from her studio.

Rob, her husband, helped to grow the business and in 2018 they moved into their own independent shop on Ritchie Street in West Kilbride.

Weft Blown Shop 25-27 Ritchie Street

Weft Blown has continued to grow since then and is now one of the main suppliers of weaving and spinning equipment in the UK.

Ange has been helped by Tina and Mia in our Ritchie Street shops who have between them experience in weaving, knitting, felting making and spinning.

Over the past couple of years the business has grown so large that Ange was not able to weave as much as she used to. She has been turning her design talents to creating patterns and kits for you to create at home.

In 2023 Weft Blown is changing from being an online and bricks and mortar store to being an online store where you can make appointments to come and visit us. The reason for this change is that Ange is now going to be able to design and weave from her new home studio whilst also running Weft Blown from her home too. You will be able to book an appointment to visit from Spring 2023.

You can find us online through this website as well as on at our own Weft Blown Cloud, on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram as WeftBlown.

Our aim at Weft Blown is to make sure that our customers are happy and we want to ensure you get the right spinning or weaving tools to suit you and your needs. We will keep in touch with you as to how your order is progressing and we are always ready to answer any questions that you may have.

Importantly, at Weft Blown we are fully committed to ensuring that everyone feels welcome and safe at in-person visits, at classes, at our exhibition stands and in our online spaces (this website and our social media accounts). We take personal pride and responsibility in all our interactions with anyone and will always treat everyone equally, equitably and with respect regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexuality, ability, appearance, skills or religious belief. We will not tolerate behaviour or actions contrary to these principles.

We want Weft Blown to be a positive force in the world and will work to find ways in which our company can collaborate with and support people from marginalised groups.

Charitable Donations:

British Red Cross £50
Medicins San Frontiers £50
Scottish Refugee Council £50
Joan Davidson Fund (Equate Scotland and Science Grrrl) £100
EDAN Lincs - Donation of equipment to their project
Red Cross Ukraine Appeal £50
Red Cross Pakistan Appeal £50

Shelter £240
Maggie's £100
Ayrshire Hospice £100
Scottish Refugee Council £100
West Kilbride Delta Youth Football £75