About Us

All About Weft Blown

Weft Blown is run by Ange and Rob Sewell and is based in West Kilbride (also known as Craft Town Scotland) on the stunning Ayrshire coast of Scotland.

 Ange is the weaver designer maker at Weft Blown and creates our weather-inspired handwoven textiles. With a background in Meteorology and Geology Ange can't help to be inspired by the colours and textures in the sky and landscape wherever she is. She translates these ideas into handwoven cloth using wools sourced from mainly British woollen mills and small scale producers. All of our classes are also run by Ange and she is also the technical expert at Weft Blown and has 10 years weaving and 8 years spinning experience.

Rob is in charge of the weaving and spinning equipment sales at Weft Blown. After many years of seeing what Ange creates Rob has taken a keen interest in the crafts of spinning and weaving to the point he has been known to use a loom or a wheel now and then. Rob is the main point of contact for any weaving looms and spinning wheel enquiries and helps out with ensuring you, our customer, get the right equipment for what you need.

Our aim at Weft Blown is to make sure that our customers are happy and we will always keep in touch with you as to how your order is progressing and we are always ready to answer any questions that you may have.

You can find us at our studio in West Kilbride and you can also find us online on Ravelry in our own Weft Blown Group and on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram as WeftBlown.


Weft Blown's Achievements:

Weft Blown was interviewed on the 50th episode of the Fruity Knitting podcast that was about Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2018.

The Grassroots and Photoshoots Exhibition at the Barony Centre in West Kilbride from 7th to 23rd September 2017 included handwoven textiles by Weft Blown. 

A collection of Weft Blown's handwoven textiles were part of an exhibition at Gallery Q, Nethergate, Dundee. This was the debut of our Tay Bridge Collection that was inspired by a showery day over the silvery Tay. 

Our clouds, textile art and cowl drifted down to London to stay at the Campaign for Wool BnB during their Wool Week in October 2016. The Wool BnB was a showcase for all the amazing things that can be created with wool. For more information on what was on display see the Wool BnB brochure. Our work was also featured in London Evening Standard Homes and Property feature on the Wool BnB by Barbara Chandler on Instagram and Cover Magazine.

Weft Blown was delighted to be part of the Campaign for Wool Tour of Scotland in September 2016. Weft Blown was featured on the Campaign for Wools Social Media sites during their tour.

At the Scotland's Trade Fair Spring 2016 our handwoven cowls were awarded Highly Commended in the Best Product in the Launch Gallery Award.

Homes and Antiques Magazine - Weft Blown featured in the February 2015 edition in the Guide to Courses, Hobbies and Breaks.

A selection of our handwoven textiles were part of the Alternative Giving Exhibition Shop, Alternative Giving at The Barony Centre, Craft Town Scotland, West Kilbride from Saturday 24th October 2015 to Thursday 24th December 2015.

Edinburgh Yarn Festival - Weft Blown was a vendor in 2015 and 2016 at this major yarn event and featured in the following Blogs: Spinning Daily; Knit British; Karie Bookish; Plutonium Muffins; Alice Knits; Yellow Bear Wares

Craft Scotland - Featured maker in Craft Tourism Experiences in July 2014

In 2014 Ange finished her HNC in Contemporary Contructed Textiles at Bradford School of Arts and Media. Through this she had the chance to exhibit at New Designers in London where she featured on the Arts Thread blog.