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Happy 2012

Author Ange Sewell

Happy New Year everyone and hope it’s a good one for you.

I’m hoping that 2012 is going to be the year that I really do get my act together and just get on with things. It’s got to happen at some point in my life.

To help me with this I’ve started a fibre journal which I’m going to use to write down everything that I make each day so I can track how long it takes me to do things, and also so I can remember when I did each project. I’m not that great at keeping these type of things going, but I’m going to try.

I managed to get my weather scarf cast on last night.

I used a different blue handspun for the cast on and I’ve got the rest of the colours going in the following order: Maximum Temperature, Minimum Temperature, Wind Speed, Daylight hours, Rainfall.

I spent a fair bit of time last night trying to figure out the best way of doing this and have decided to take a rough average between weather obs at Prestwick, Saltcoats, and Dalry and fudge it from there. Not amazingly scientific and I’m sure my lecturer for weather instrument accuracy at Reading Uni would have a heart attack, but who cares. I decided against doing sunshine as it’d end up being a thin line for the year at the rate the weather is going, so opted for the number of hours between sunrise and sunset instead as that will gradually grow and shrink over the year. I’m sure more adjustments will be made over the year, but at least it’s started.