Schacht Cricket Rigid Heddle Loom Starter Pack

Brand: Schacht

Schacht Cricket Rigid Heddle Loom - Starter Pack

At Weft Blown we have created this pack to include a few extras to help you get more out of your Cricket loom.

Included in this pack is:

  • One Cricket Rigid Heddle Loom in either 10" or 15" width.
  • One copy of the The Weaver's Idea Book by Jane Patrick which is an essential book for rigid heddle weavers as it is full of pattern ideas, inspiration and lots of ways that you can weave more with your loom.
  • One Pick-Up Stick for the Size of your loom. With this Pick-Up stick you can create repeatable warp or weft floats to give texture to your cloth. Instructions on how to weave with a Pick Up Stick can be found in The Weaver's Idea Book.
  • One Cricket Loom Bag Handwoven by the Mayan Weavers of Guatemala so that you can carry your loom and all your essentials to weave anywhere you want. Please note that the bag design/colour may vary

About the Cricket...

This is a sturdy wee loom, well made and thoughtfully designed with the weaver in mind - all as you would expect from Schacht. We use this loom for our introductory Learn to Weave class but also for the experienced weaver this is a great little loom for rigid heddle projects.

The Cricket is available in a 10″ (25cm) or 15″ (38cm) weaving widths. It is made of high-quality apple ply and hard maple and is left unlacquered for a pleasant, natural look and feel. The Cricket has the ratchet gear and dog on the outside of the loom to make it even easier to adjust tension. 

Included with your loom are a threading hook, warping peg, table clamps, two shuttles, and two balls of yarn. Each Cricket comes with an 8-dent reed as standard.

You can find more information on the Cricket Loom and projects to at