Schacht Bulky Plyer for Cherry Matchless


Schacht Bulky Plyer for Cherry Matchless Backordered item

Schacht Bulky Plyer for Cherry Matchless

Cherry wood Bulky Plyer for the 2019 Special Edition Cherry Matchless

Available to pre-order

Add plying and bulky yarn capabilities to the Schacht Matchless. Features include a generously-sized 7/8” orifice, large capacity bobbin (about 8 ounces), sliding flyer hooks with incremental stops, and large round guide hooks. The Bulky Plyer Flyer comes with its own special front maiden, bulky flyer, and bulky bobbin. 

The Schacht Bulky Plyer Flyer Package comes with the bulky flyer and one bulky bobbin, and a front maiden and bearing. The regular, travel, and high speed bobbins fit on the bulky flyer shaft, so you don’t need to change flyers to use your existing bobbins. The whorl ratios do not change when using the bulky flyer.

Please note that the photo shows the maple version for info - we will update with an image of the cherrywood version when it becomes available.


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