Rainbow Handwoven Pouches by Weft Blown

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Rainbow Handwoven Pouches by Weft Blown




Rainbow Pouches

Handwoven by Weft Blown

These rainbow pouches are the perfect accessory for your bits and bobs and each one is uniquely handwoven by Weft Blown.

Rainbows are seen when the sunlight refracts off raindrops falling from clouds. This can happen after a rain shower or storm has just passed.

This wee pouch is inspired by the colours of the rainbow and is handwoven in Scotland by Ange Sewell at Weft Blown.

The rainbow is from Ullcentrum Swedish wool from Midwinter Yarns.

The pouch can be used to carry small bits and pieces like knitting or weaving notions, make-up, bottle openers or whatever else you fancy.

Each pouch is unique and is lined with cotton as well as having a handy zip to make sure nothing escapes.

Pouch Size: approximately 15cm wide by 11cm tall.

Pouch only for sale and all other items in photographs are for scale purposes only.

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