Louët Table Loom Stainless Steel Reeds


Louët Table Loom Stainless Steel Reeds

We now have 30cm Louët reeds in stock. For other length reeds we currently import them to order so please allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery.

These reeds are specifically made for Louët for use with their table looms. 

The 30cm, 40cm and 50cm length reeds are 10.5cm high and the 70cm reeds are 12cm high.

These reeds fit the following Louët looms:

  • 30cm - Erica 30
  • 40cm - Klik, Kombo 40 and Jane 40
  • 50cm - Erica 50
  • 70cm - Kombo 70 and Jane 70

Louët reeds are manufactured to a high quality. We recommend that reeds are cleaned prior to use to remove any oil or other residue from the manufacturing process.

Reeds are measured in dents per 10cm - please note approximate conversion to dents per inch (dpi).  Use the drop down menu to select for reed length (cm) and number of dents.


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