Louët Lisa Frame Loom - various sizes

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Louët Lisa Frame Loom

Available in various sizes

This tapestry loom is really great for creating textile art pieces! Available in four sizes, the smallest one is perfect for a low cost first venture into weaving.

Each loom is supplied as an easy-to-build kit with clear instructions in English and the small version is complete with a stick shuttle and a shed stick.

The small version has approximately 3 notches per inch allowing up to 6 or 7 ends per inch although 3 EPI is recommended for an easier-to-work warp

The medium, large and extra large sizes are made with standard Louët raddle segments allowing up to around 10 or 11 ends per inch although 4 EPI is generally recommended. 

  • Small (20 x 25cm)
  • Medium (40 x 60cm)
  • Large (50 x 75cm)
  • Extra Large (60 x 90cm)

As the Small Lisa loom comes with stick shuttle and shed stick included giving you everything you need to get going except for the yarn.

The stand for the extra large is sold separately and is not included with the loom.

Please note that the medium, large and extra large do not include a stick shuttle which needs to be purchased separately if you require one.

Maurice Brassard 8/4 Cotton is perfect to use for warp thread for this loom.

Yarn is not supplied with these looms but tapestry weaving is a great way to use up an existing stash!