Louët Erica 4 Shaft 50cm Table Loom Plus Stand, Bag and 200 Extra Heddles - Refurbished Return


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Louët Erica 4 Shaft 50cm Table Loom Plus Stand, Bag and 200 Extra Heddles - Refurbished Return

Now Sold!

We have got a single Louët Erica 4 Shaft 50cm loom available at a reduced price. This loom was a customer return due to a minor manufacturing defect that resulted in the fourth shaft lever being slightly loose. We have fixed this fault and checked over the loom and it is ready now to find a new home. There are a few minor marks on the stand but this loom has only been warped up a couple of times and is virtually brand new.

This loom is being sold as a package with the stand, bag and an extra 200 texsolv heddles included (400 heddles in total) - an overall saving of £80 on the individual cost of all these items. Also, unlike a brand new Erica which is shipped flat-packed this loom is ready built and will be delivered assembled with only the floor stand broken down so you can get weaving quickly!

The Erica is made of unlacquered beech and laminated birch and is supplied with the a 40/10 (10dpi) stainless steel reed and stainless steel lease- and tie-up sticks and warp sticks.

Please note that this loom is not supplied with a shuttle, threading hook or other warping tools.