Louët David Floor Loom

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Louët David Floor Loom

We are unable to accept new orders for Louët floor looms at the moment due to uncertainty around the import costs and processes for these large items now that the UK has left the single market & customs union.

If you are interested in this loom please contact us by email at sales@weftblown.com and we will keep you updated with information.

If you already have a loom on order from us this is unaffected.

The Louët David is a compact eight shaft loom that looks modest, but in functional quality, it surpasses many larger floor looms. It is available in 70 cm (27 5/8”) and 90 cm (35 3/8”) weaving width. You can use the drop down menu above to view the price for the different variants of the Louët David Floor Loom.

Like a counter balance or a jack loom it has a singular tie-up. The shed however gives is of similar size to that on a countermarch.  All the shafts that are not pulled down by a treadle, are lifted by an ingenious spring system. The spring system also results in easy treadling: once the treadle is pushed down, the weight of your leg is sufficient to keep the shed open.

This second generation David loom has two major improvements:

  1. A new sliding beater. It has the advantages of a standing beater. It has a shuttle race, it is adjustable in height and it stays back, close to the shafts to get the optimal shed. At both sides the beater is guided with special bearings along a stainless steel rod. By adjusting the position of the rods you can adjust the height of the beater.
  2. The friction brake for the warp beam is no longer an accessory, but comes standard with the loom.

The David is made of lacquered beech and comes with the castle section pre-assembled to ease the set up of the loom. The David has a built-in raddle and shelf and included are a stainless steel reed, Texsolv heddles, tie-up and lease sticks and sixteen warp sticks.

How to warp the Louët David:

Please note that the bench shown in the product photo is sold separately.

All accessories for the David floor loom can be found here.

Dimensions (w/d/h)
David 70: 87 x 85 x 127 cm (34 1/4” x 33 1/2” x 50”)
David 90: 107 x 85 x 127 cm (42” x 33 1/2” x 50”)

David 70: 30 kg (66 lb)
David 90: 35 kg (77 lb)

Please note that this loom requires assembly. Full instructions are included.

If you would like to discuss your requirements prior to placing an order please contact us

* If you order online the £100 Gift Voucher will be emailed to you once you have paid the deposit for your loom. This can only be used for any weaving accessories that we sell including Shuttles and Warping and Winding Equipment, and also floor loom accessories such as weaving benches or second warp beams. The voucher can only be used once and only used by the loom purchaser. The voucher cannot be exchanged for cash. Please contact us if you would like to check if the gift voucher can be used against a specific product. If you order via phone or email we can apply the £100 discount to your invoice.

** The 10% Discount Code will be sent to you by email once within 2 weeks of  the loom being delivered. This is a unique discount code for you to use online, in-store and at shows with an expiry date 12 months from the date of issue. The discount code can only be used for yarn. You can use the 10% discount code as many times as you wish on qualifying items within the 12 month period it is valid for. The code can only be used by the loom buyer and cannot be shared with other individuals. The discount cannot be exchanged for cash.