How to Design and Plan a Weaving Project - Intermediate Class

Brand: Weft Blown

How to Design and Plan a Weaving Project - Intermediate Class

Creating a handwoven cloth from a specific idea can be daunting.

At Weft Blown we're here to help break down the steps and make it easier to go from your inspiration to your own design for your cloth.

Using a simple method that Ange at Weft Blown uses for her own work, she will walk you through using a photograph to gain colours and textures that can be used for your design.

Then you will work out your design using your notebook as well as a brief look at computing software that can be used too.

Next you will be gently walked through the calculations that you need to make for your warp threads.

Finally, we will discuss how you can translate the design and the calculations into actually winding a warp.

This class is suitable for rigid heddle, table and floor loom weavers. You must have knowledge on how to warp and weave on one of these types of looms. If you are unsure then check out our Beginners Weaving Classes.

Class costs £70 for a one day class and include a notebook for you to take home, art materials and yarn. Students are requested to bring a photo with them that they want to use for inspiration.

Maximum of 4 students per class.

Classes run from 11.00 to 17.00.

Students will receive a £10 Weft Blown gift voucher on the day of the class which can be used to buy from our weaving or spinning equipment as well as handwoven textiles.

To find out about new dates for classes then sign up for our newsletter or social media feeds.

Tea, coffee, and biscuits are provided.

Lunch is available from local cafes, shops and deli. You can also bring your own lunch.