Glimåkra Standard Countermarch Tie-up kit

Brand: Glimåkra

Glimåkra Standard Countermarch Tie-up kit

Tie-up kit for the Glimåkra Standard 10 shaft countermarch floor loom, also suitable for the 8 shaft (with surplus cord). A 12 shaft version is also available. Please select for horizontal or vertical countermarch set-up 


  •  2 x  harness holder (180cm)
  • 20 x jacks to upper harness (70cm)
  • 10 x joining top jacks (50cm)
  • 10 x jacks to lower lamm (110cm)
  • 10 x lower harness to upper lamms (40cm)
  • 50 x lower lamms to treadle short cords (40cm)
  • 50 x upper lamms to treadle long cords (60cm)
  • 16 x cloth and warp beam locking pins

This is sufficient for a Standard Countermarch with upto 10 shafts.  For the 12 shaft Standard an additional 20m reel of cord is included to supplement the standard 10 shaft tie-up kit.


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