Glimåkra Floor Loom Stainless Steel Reeds - Seconds


Glimåkra Floor Loom Stainless Steel Reeds - Seconds

We have a small number of factory second steel reeds listed for clearance:

  • 70cm 100/10 (approx 25dpi) reeds which have a slight manufacturing flaw with some sections with bowing of the teeth (see photo)
  •  A slightly overlength 60cm 30/10 (approx  reed 8dpi) - actual reed length measures around 62cm with an extra 3cm for the end caps. Please check the length of your looms beater to make sure there is enough room for this reed to fit. We recommend using this reed on a 70cm loom.

All these reeds measure 12cm high.

We recommend that reeds are cleaned prior to use to remove any oil or other residue from the manufacturing process.

Please check your loom width and allow for the end caps on the ends of the reeds - there is approximately a further 3cm length to these reeds over and above the stated weaving width.

These reeds are compatible with Glimakra and Louët looms.