Eden Cottage Yarns Pin Tin with lightbulb pins

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This is a beautiful small limited edition notions tin printed with Eden Cottage Yarns merino logo (a digitised version of Victoria's original sketch) on the hinged lid. Measuring 95mm x 60mm x 21mm and containing two natural drawstring tea bags of lightbulb pins in two out of a possible three different colours; black, silver, bronze. There are roughly 30 pins of each colour (they're measured by weight rather than counted out so actual number may vary slightly). 

These tins are perfect for keeping stitch markers, sewing needles, beads or any other of those fiddly items that can easily get lost. 

Contents are included!

Lightbulb pins are incredibly useful as they can be used as removable stitch markers and row markers, plus are lightweight and unobtrusive.