Bifröst Handwoven Scarf


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Bifröst Scarf

Handwoven by Weft Blown

As well as being obsessed with the weather, Ange our weaver at Weft Blown is also obsessed with the Marvel comics.

When choosing the yarns for this scarf it reminded her of the Bifröst which is the Rainbow Bridge that connects Asgard, where the Agardians gods such as Odin, Thor and Loki are from, to the Nine Realms. 

The striking golden yellow warp and weft with the vibrant rainbow bright colours of the handspun yarn do convey a golden bridge linking up to other worlds. 

The rainbow coloured yarn used in the warp is handspun by Ange at Weft Blown from a hand-dyed Blue Faced Leicester wool, Silk and Yarn blend hand dyed by FeltStudio UK, while the golden yellow is a Bluefaced Leicester Wool and Gotland Wool blend hand dyed by Triskelion Yarn.

This scarf will not make you an Asgardian God but it will keep you cosy and warm throughout the year.

Handwoven in West Kilbride, Scotland.

Dimensions: 20 cm wide by 194 cm long (not including the fringe).

Care: hand wash only in cool water and iron gently whilst damp.

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