Bag of 20 Balls Amigurumis Cotton by Casasol

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Bag of 20 Balls Amigurumis Cotton by Casasol

Red cardboard bag, special edition, with 20 balls of 30 grams-90 meters, with Casasol M size combed cotton in the best-selling colors and those most needed for amigurumis: white, raw, natural, makeup, pale yellow, orange, nude pink, blush pink, red, lilac, turquoise, steel blue, water green, bottle green, pistachio, camel brown, chocolate brown, pale gray, gray and black.

Perfect for weaving colour gamps with.

Sett: Plain Weave - 10 dpi, Twill - 15 dpi

Similar to 8/4 Cotton

CASASOL cotton is a 100% combed, organic and detox cotton

Combed cotton: The main difference between "normal" and "combed" cotton is that the latter is subjected to a second process that consists of passing the thread through "combs" that are responsible for eliminating impurities. This process can eliminate up to 15% of the fibers leaving only the longest and most resistant fibers. The main advantage of Combed Cotton is the general quality of the garment, since they are made only with long fibers they are much more resistant and break less easily, in addition to being fresher and softer to the touch. It also holds dyeing processes better and the color stays bright longer.

Organic cotton: Cotton guaranteed by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS®) certification, which protects the health of people involved in the supply chain, from workers to end consumers.

Organic combed cotton does not withstand any genetic manipulation and has been grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers, so it can bear the GOTS® seal

The GOTS® production model guarantees safety and fair working conditions for both cotton producers and textile workers. It is the greatest seal required that ensures a thread respectful of nature and with the person.

Cotton detox: Cotton free of toxic or harmful substances in the supply chain. The yarn is dyed without using carcinogenic or allergenic dyes, making it totally hypoallergenic, so it is certified with the DETOX TO ZERO seal by OEKO-TEX®

OEKO-TEX® DETOX TO ZERO is an efficient verification system that aims to implement the Greenpeace DETOX Campaign criteria within production facilities, guaranteeing a cotton free of harmful or toxic substances.