Autumn Leaves Handwoven Scarf

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Autumn Leaves Handwoven Scarf

by Ange Sewell at Weft Blown


At Weft Blown we love our daily walks with our Weftwoof. Where we live we are able to wander to the beach via the wooded glen that runs through West Kilbride.

In Autumn the colours from the leaves of the different trees shine against the cold crisp blue sky.

This scarf is inspired by the combination of these colours and is perfect to keep you cosy on Autumn days or throughout the year.

Ange has handwoven it using 50% Midwinter Yarns hand dyed Welsh Wool (a Blue Faced Leicester and Black Mountain Wool Blend), 25% Qing Fibre hand dyed Baby Suri Alpaca/Merino/Silk blend yarn, and 25% Countess Ablaze hand dyed Blue Faced Baron wool.

Handwoven in West Kilbride, Scotland.

Dimensions: 27 cm wide by 200 cm long (not including the fringe).

Care: hand wash only in cool water and iron gently whilst damp.